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Alcoholism is a serious problem that often requires detox and rehab treatment. While detox can help addicts recover from withdrawal, alcohol rehab supports long-term recovery. A wide array of recovery programs are used during rehab, including medication therapy, behavioral therapy and elapse prevention. Addiction treatment centers across the United States can assist with every aspect of recovery, not only helping people to get clean but also helping them to stay that way.

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What is Alcohol Rehab?

The term "rehab" describes various rehabilitation programs initiated for the treatment of substance abuse and addiction. Also known as alcohol use disorder or alcohol dependence syndrome, alcoholism is a serious problem with a number of medical and social implications.

Alcohol rehab programs help recovering addicts to deal with the underlying causes of abuse and dependence, with patients admitted following detox treatment. Rehab deals with the physical and psychological aspects of substance abuse and addiction, with medication often used to treat physical dependence and behavioral therapy used to treat emotional and motivational issues.

What is Alcohol Abuse?

Alcohol abuse is defined by the compulsive consumption of alcoholic beverages despite negative consequences. Substance abuse has the potential to cause harm to physical health, mental health, interpersonal relationships and ability to work, with long-term abuse also likely to lead to tolerance and physical dependence over time.

Substance abuse often requires detox and psychotherapy support, with some treatment centers specializing in alcohol abuse cases. Binge drinking is a particular form of substance abuse that involves heavy drinking over a relatively short time period.

In the United States, binge drinking is defined by the consumption of five or more units for men and four or more units for women. Binge drinking is a major problem in modern American society, with this form of substance abuse linked to violence, injuries, drink driving, legal problems, and a range of negative health and social outcomes.

What is Alcohol Dependence?

According to the official DSM-IV criteria for substance dependence, at least three of the following seven symptoms need to manifest over a 12-month period for someone to be diagnosed with substance dependence:

  • Tolerance
  • The existence of a withdrawal syndrome upon cessation of use
  • Use in larger amounts and for longer time periods than intended
  • Persistent cravings
  • Time spent obtaining or recovering from drinking
  • Social and recreational pursuits given up because of drinking
  • Ongoing use despite the existence of negative consequences.

Substance dependence requires intensive detoxification and rehabilitation treatment, with medications often used to manage the withdrawal syndrome. Relapse prevention programs also play a big role in treatment, with patients needing to learn new psychological skills to avoid triggers and encourage recovery.

Alcohol Rehab Treatment Programs

A wide range of treatment programs are used in alcohol rehab, including medication therapy, behavioral therapy, counseling and relapse prevention.

Behavioral therapy and counseling form the basis of many programs, with patients taught how to reconcile their internal thoughts and behavioral responses. Depending on the extent of addiction and availability of programs, therapy may be available on a residential or out-patient basis.

Aftercare support is also available once someone has completed formal treatment, with local support groups and non-profit organizations often operating from churches and community centers.

Conventional 12-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) are available across the country, with secular alternatives like SMART recovery also available in many locations.

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